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Hoppecke AquaGen Recombination Systems

When the AquaGen® recombination system is used, the hydrogen and oxygen gases which evolve during water decomposition are fed into the AquaGen® recombination plugs. By means of an integral catalyst, these gases are recombined in the form of water vapour. This water vapour condenses on the sides of the AquaGen® vent plugs. The resultant drops of water flow downwards and are returned to the battery. Because of this level of efficiency, water refilling is drastically reduced, with even total freedom from maintenance being possible. Another benefit from the use of AquaGen® recombination plugs is a considerable reduction in the ventilation requirements. The recombination of hydrogen and oxygen is an exothermal process in which heat is released. The increased temperature in the interior of sealed batteries leads to lifereducing effects, especially at the electrodes. To minimise these negative side effects, the operation of sealed batteries is subject to various limitations. When AquaGen® premium. top is used, the recombination does not take place at the active components (electrodes) and not within the battery. The AquaGen® recombinator is fitted to the battery as an external component.

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