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Solar Power & Lighting Kits

Roof Mounting Units

Roof Hooks Frankfurter Pfanne Tiles Material V2A with wide fixing strap for Frankfurter Pfanne tiles including stainless steel screw M10 x 25mm, self-locking nut with serrated bearing M10 for crosstie profile rail.

Corrugated Sheet Roof Screw Fitting For connections between crosstie profile rail and rafter consisting of hanger bolt M10, connecting plate, screws, nuts and V2A blocking screw.

Aluminum Profile Carrier section for solar module, aluminium diecast profil bar, two groove for M8 nut´s 40x40mm.

Moduleclamp Middle T Middle clamp to fix two solar modules at the profil bar.

Moduleclamp Side M Edge clamp to fix the solar module at the profil bar.

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