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Solar Power & Lighting Kits

Energy Comfort Kits

The Solar Side kits reflect the present state of the art in storage technology. The kits combine long-life products and plug & play installation. The lithium battery system with its built-in solar battery charger, battery monitoring system and load output control cares for the battery optimally. The advanced LC Display with integrated backlight shows all system information even when it's dark outside. The useful battery state of charge with remaining operation time calculation can help the user to manage his energy consumption. The USB outlet allows many 5V USB devices to be recharged or operated. Any 12V load can be operated by the system (within power limits). Apart from three 12 V connectors, there is also one USB jack available for the charging of mobile phones, MP3 players, digital cameras and even tablet computers. The kits are equipped with different highly efficient LED lighting units. The solar panels' power is optimized for recharging the lithium battery. For faster recharging it is possible to add more solar power to the system. For higher energy demand several kits can be combined.

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