Studer MPPT Charge Controllers VarioString

The VarioString with dual MPPT inputs offers high flexibility and effciency and drastically reduces the Balance of Systems costswhen it comes to larger systems. It eliminates expensive wiring for parallel strings, saving wires, junction boxes, fuses, space, time, etc).
?Safe, simple and trouble free connetion with Incomp4 ­„tool free“ PV ­connector
?Fully protected agains wrong wiring
?Simplified safety rules by full isolation between PV and battery and between MPPT inputs
?Any grounding strategy applicable thanks to isolated MPPT inputs. Grounding system fault detection.
?High conversion effciency > 98?%
?7 kW per unit and up to 15 units in parallel: 105 kW
?9 LEDs to monitor status and current

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