Steca Solar Fridges/Freezers

The Steca SolarFridge is perfect for use in solar applications where energy efficiency is a high priority. It can be used as a fridge or a freezer.
The A++ DC Fridge has exceptional insulation combined with a very efficient & silent DC compressor which is driven by a specially designed Steca electronic compressor regulation. This custom regulation optimises use of the available solar power within the system. As an option, the Steca Solar Fridge/ Freezers can be equipped with one of the well known Steca Solar charge regulators which interact optimally with the fridge functionality. For this, a suitable battery and the solar module have to be connected to the Steca SolarFridge to start cooling.
The Steca Solar Fridge Freezer is a top opener and therefore well suited for applications in high ambient temperatures as it protects the contents of the fridge while the cabinet is open.
Please Contact Us for more detailed information on how this solar fridge freezer can be setup and configured.

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