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235 Ah (C100), 210Ah (C20), 12 VDC, Gel, maintenance-free, sealed, A-terminal

SKU 340270
Weight 71.00 (71.00) kg
Size 518 x 273 x 242 mm
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235 Ah (C100), 210Ah (C20), 12 VDC, Gel, maintenance-free, sealed, A-terminal
This battery supports you in all your projects. The advantage of this gel battery is its high cycle resistance. It manages 500 cycles. The battery is completely sealed. In normal use, there is no gas formation. Since no additional ventilation is required, the batteries can be installed anywhere. They are ideal as a service battery and for cyclic applications. In addition, they can be recharged very quickly. The battery is also extremely vibration resistant, completely maintenance-free and can be stored for several months.


  • Active-Power Battery
  • 12 VDC
  • Diluted sulphuric acid fixed in gel
  • Grey enclosure PP
  • Vent plug
  • Microporous pocket seperator
  • Internal gas recombination
  • Filled and charged
  • Sealed

Article No 340270

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Weight 71.00 kg
Dimensions 518.00 × 273.00 × 242.00 cm


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