Battery Rolls Solar 4500 S-1400EX


lead acid batteries 2V filled and charged 1000Ah (C20)1408Ah (C100)

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Size 340 x 181 x 406 mm
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lead acid batteries 2V filled and charged 1000Ah (C20)1408Ah (C100)
Rolls premium deep cycle batteries have earned a reputation of reliability and endurance in the renewable energy markets.

  • Elimination of ‘stray’ current
  • No acid leakage/no racks required
  • Easy ‘on site’ assembly
  • Less connections resulting in an increase in charge efficiency
  • 3200 cycle @50% D.O.D
  • Less maintenance with optional ‘Hydrocaps’
  • Link leads, terminal covers, nuts and bolts all included for immediate installation
  • Filled and charged

Please note:

The return of used batteries is mandatory while their disposal in the municipal waste is prohibited by the law. Batteries contain heavy metals which cause damage to both human health and environment.
Please also refer to "Battery Recycling" under "Sales Service".

Article No 340167

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Weight 58.00 kg
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