Battery Victron Gel Deep Cycle 12V/165Ah


Maintenance free sealed gel battery 165Ah (C10) / 12V

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Size 485 x 172 x 240 mm
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Maintenance free sealed gel battery 165Ah (C10) / 12V
Victron Gel batteries are the perfect solution to store energy in stand-alone solar systems.
In these batteries the electrolyte is immobilized as gel. Gel batteries in general have a longer service life and better cycle capacity than AGM batteries.
These batteries can therefore be stored for a long time without recharging, if kept under cool conditions.

  • No leakage of liquid and gas
  • Low self-discharge rate
  • Designed for Off-Grid applications

Please note:
The return of used batteries is mandatory while their disposal in the municipal waste is prohibited by the law. Batteries contain heavy metals which cause damage to both human health and environment.
Please also refer to "Battery Recycling" under "Sales Service".

Article No 105077

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Weight 49.00 kg
Dimensions 510.00 × 200.00 × 280.00 cm


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