Battery Vision LFP1220


Lithium battery LiFePO4, 20Ah, voltage range 9,6 to 14,8V

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Lithium battery LiFePO4, 20Ah, voltage range 9,6 to 14,8V
These batteries are low weight batteries, extremely resistant against peak current and universally applicable. Due to the BMS (battery management system) protection circuitry, they can be charged with commercial lead charging devices.

  • High intrinsic safety
  • Can be charged quickly
  • Universally applicable
  • 2000 cycles with 100 % discharge
  • 1/3 weight compared with lead batteries
  • Protection circuitry

Please note:
The return of used batteries is mandatory while their disposal in the municipal waste is prohibited by the law. Batteries contain heavy metals which cause damage to both human health and environment.
Please also refer to "Battery Recycling" under "Sales Service".

Article No 340238

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