Battery Watch Studer MBW 60


Battery Watch Studer MBW 60 60A, 6-35Vdc battery monitoring

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Battery Watch Studer MBW 60 60A, 6-35Vdc battery monitoring
The MBW 200 is a vital part for a mobile installation. It increases the battery live. It has low voltage, high voltage and overload protection. Low voltage detection can easily be adjusted by a rotation switch. This way any type of (lead acid) battery can be protected against deep charge. The over voltage protection protects your
costly devices against to high voltages. The MBW 200 can easily be used as a main switch. This can be achieved by connecting a panel switch between the ground
(-) and the switch connection. The main switch function cannot be used when this switch is not connected. In this case the MBW 200 operates as a MBW 200 only.

  • Connection and disconnection voltage programmed by jumpers
  • MOSFET switches, therefore no sparks
  • Alarm output to indicate excessive voltage drops

Article No 303572

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Weight 0.20 kg
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