Multifunction Kit 24V Irradiation Group 1


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Phaesun provide a complete kit for solar cooling, ­venti­la­tion and lighting.
It includes the solar fridge ­Steca PF 166, two fans and two light tubes, all equipment for charging, and detailed installation manual. Ideal for the use in health posts and hospitals that are located far from the grid. The kits are suitable for 6 hours of lighting per day and up to 12 hours of ventilation. System voltage is 24 VDC. Cooling temperature of the fridge is +3 °C.­­

  •   2 Solar Modules
  •   2 Ceiling Fans
  •   Solar Fridge Steca PF 166
  •   2 LED Tubes
  •   2 Batteries
  •   Charge Controller
  •   Cabling
  •   Mounting Structure

Article No 600057

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Weight 564.98 kg
Dimensions 1550.00 × 800.00 × 1500.00 cm


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