Solar Charge Controller MPPT Studer Variostring VS-70


70 A battery current, 48 VDC, 600 VOC parallel, 900 VOC series, LED, IP20

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70 A battery current, 48 VDC, 600 VOC parallel, 900 VOC series, LED, IP20

The VarioString responds to the toughest requirements in efficiency of solar installations. It also reduces the system costs by accepting PV strings up to 600 or 900VDC. This allows for a simpler installation, reduces material costs by the reduction in cable cross-section and length, the absence of junction boxes and string fuses.
The two isolated MPPT inputs allow for the integration of PV strings with different electrical characteristics and orientations. The reinforced isolation between the PV modules and the battery allows for any combination of grounding schemes and an optimised system security. 


  • Reduces balance of system costs
  • Safe, simple and trouble free connection with SUNCLIXTM (Phoenix Contact “tool free”) PV connector.
  • Fully protected against wrong wiring 
  • Simplified safety rules by full isolation between PV and battery and between MPPT inputs
  • Any grounding strategy applicable thanks to isolated MPPT inputs
  • Grounding system fault detection 
  • Fast precise best in class tracking algorithm brings MPPT efficiency >99%
  • World champion for efficiency in isolated converter with >98% conversion efficiency
  • 7kW per unit and up to 15 units in parallel: 105kW
  • Low self-consumption: <1.2W in night mode 
  • 4 step charger fully programmable for longer battery life
  • 9 LEDs to monitor status and current
  • Optimal usage in an Xtender system with a synchronized battery management
  • Comprehensive display
  • Programming and data logging with the RCC-02/-03 SUNCLIXTM (Phoenix Contact “tool free”)

Article No 321249

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